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Timber Sales

Whether a property is 10 acres or 1,000 acres, we take a personalized approach to each unique property, focusing on achieving the specific goals and objectives of the landowner.  We are experienced in the many harvesting practices applicable to Ohio woodlands and we work closely with the landowner to identify trees for removal that meet their objectives.  We understand the timber industry and sell timber in an honest and efficient manner that protects the landowner's interests and maximizes value.  We are here to ensure your timber harvesting experience is successful and satisfying.
"You two are more than worth your weight in gold.  Please accept my sincere thanks and appreciation for all your fine work to make our timber harvest a great success!  You certainly were thorough and efficient!"
                                                         - Gene D., Coshocton County
The Timber Sale Process
  • Review the woodland to determine the type of harvest to be implemented and the current market for the resource
  • Inventory and appraise the trees selected for harvest
  • Prepare the bid prospectus describing the harvest species, volume, and bidding procedures
  • Market the harvest to potential buyers utilizing a competitive bidding process
  • Advise the landowner during the bid opening for acceptable bids and logging contractors
  • Administer a timber sale contract between the landowner and the buyer at which time the buyer makes a down payment to the landowner
  • When the buyer is ready to begin the harvest the final payment is made to the landowner and a walk through the woods is organized with the logging contractor
  • A performance cash bond is issued to us from the buyer to hold until the harvest is completed
  • Monitor compliance to the contract until logging is completed and the contract has been fully satisfied
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