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Forest Management Plans

Forestry planning is needed for a variety of reasons including property tax reduction, cost-share assistance, tree farm certification, or simply to gain a better understanding of the woodland.  No matter the reason, a forestry plan will describe the current forest conditions, develop strategies for management, and create a schedule of activities designed to meet your objectives for the land.  We can assist with the thoughtful planning and implementation of forestry practices that will enable your woodland to be healthier and more productive.
A forest management plan will deliniate forest stands, identify invasive species present, inventory forest attributes, recommend forestry practices, detail a ten year timeline, and more. A forestry plan can be used to qualify for the following property tax reduction programs:
  • Current Agricultual Use Value (CAUV)
  • Ohio Forest Tax Law (OFTL)
The best program to enroll in varies across the state and the requirements for each program differ.  Click here to learn more.
Ohio has 8.1 million acres of forest which produce some of the finest quality hardwood timber in the world, all while supporting an immense diversity of wildlife and plant communities. Approximately 72% of these forests are privately owned by families and farmers.
Forest management plans are also used to qualify for cost-share programs. The USDA - Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) administers a program called the Environmental Quality Incentive Program (EQIP) that will reimburse you for obtaining a CPA 106 forestry plan from a certified Technical Service Provider (TSP). We have been certified to write these plans since 2010, providing a very high quality forestry plan for Ohio landowners.

For more information about EQIP in Ohio click here.
For the location of local NRCS service centers click here.
Some landowners have an interest in the American Tree Farm System (ATFS) and would like to establish a certified tree farm.  We can assist landowners with the application process and planning needed for this program as well.
To learn more about ATFS click here.
"I have used Kindler Forest Management for a number of years on a variety of projects, including crop tree release, preparation of a management plan under EQIP, and a timber sale, and have found them to be outstanding – smart, responsive, and easy to work with."
                                                                  - James S., Ross/Vinton Co.
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