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Other Services

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Digital Mapping
Using geographic information system (GIS) and geographic positioning system (GPS) technology we can display your property on topographic and aerial photographic backgrounds to delineate forest types, trails, streams, food plots, tree planting areas, harvest areas, and many other attributes.
Wildlife Habitat Enhancement
Many landowners wish to improve the quality of the wildlife habitat on their property.  For hunters and non-hunters alike, enhancing wildlife habitat can be a top priority.  We can assess the habitat attributes on your property and provide advice on maximizing your forest's potential to attract and retain wildlife.  
The EQIP cost-share program offers some useful practices for wildlife such as crop-tree release, creating early successional habitat, brush piles and downed tree structures, edge-feathering, and vernal pool construction.
Tree Planting
The forests in our region regenerate naturally from seed and from stump/root sprouts, but there are times when supplemental planting is desired.  Tree planting is most commonly done in non-forested areas, like open fields.  We can help you choose the best species of tree to plant based on your objectives and your specific site characteristics, such as soil type and slope aspect.
The EQIP cost-share program offers practices for tree planting projects such as site preparation, direct seeding, and bareroot seedlings with tree shelters.
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